Looking for Some Famous Branson BBQ?

In the heart of Branson, MO you’ll find Sadie's Sideboard—a delightful little farmhouse restaurant offering traditional country cooking, our delicious Branson buffet, and the Southern charm Branson visitors expect. Since 1982, our family-owned and operated restaurant has been a part of happy memories for countless Branson visitors and locals alike. And there are plenty of reasons Sadie's restaurant has remained a favorite Branson staple for more than 25 years.

Sure you won’t soon forget our friendly, knowledgeable staff or our eye-catching antique décor, but it’s our food that’ll bring the whole family back to Sadie's restaurant time and again. So follow the lead of most Branson vacationers and Obey the Buffet—our seemingly endless buffet—or choose from our big menu of Sadie's favorite platters. Want more details? Check out our full menu.

Oh, That Wonderful Branson Entertainment

If you're interested, we can even serve up suggestions for the best things to see and do in Branson. You're sure to fall in love with Branson on your own, but we figure a little insider info about our hometown can only add to your Branson experience. In fact, our guests often come back to thank us for sharing local secrets about the best sources for Branson theater tickets, the fastest traveling routes in Branson, and great sites to see that won't cost you a dime.

The next time you visit Branson for great family fun and live theater entertainment, join us for a tasty treat at Sadie's Sideboard. We'll make your Branson vacation even better.

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